Security Services

Connect 1 Security is a division specifically focused on providing Onsite Security Personnel and Security Systems / Surveillance. Our personnel are the best in the business. They are highly skilled, continuously trained and equipped to protect lives and property. Our specialists and technicians are prepared to resolve any conflict or situation of security, internal or external.  Always ready to provide the means and maintain the highest service to our clients in production and function.


Onsite Security Personnel

Connect 1 Security offers full-service Onsite Security Guards and Security Patrols. We take immense pride in the security service that we provide and have a philosophy of going above and beyond for our clients. Our security personnel are led by professionals with extensive experience in the areas of management and the field of security and surveillance. They are highly qualified with an impeccable specialised track record in private security, willing and able to give excellent service to the needs of the client.  Our candidates are selected based on their experience and background in the military, government agencies or private companies.


Security Systems

Connect1Security is a long-established leader in reliability, features, and service for security systems tailored to customers' specific needs. We invite you to let us protect you and your facility.


Video Monitoring / CCTV

With the full line of video monitoring equipment we offer,  Connect1 can help you keep an eye on your business, even when you're not there! Special low-light capabilities and long-term recording make sure you can keep track of everything you should. Does Remote video viewing, live or recorded, interest you? We can help, whether you want to see it on a television, computer, separate monitor or your mobile device.


Take your business security system to the next level with video surveillance. Watch a live video feed from any web-enabled device, or set your video cameras to record when movement is detected. With business security cameras, you'll protect your workplace, your inventory, and your employees.





Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide Comprehensive,  High-Quality, Cost-Effective Solutions.



Our vision is to provide Outstanding Value and World-Class Service.




Atlanta Corporate Office:  (770) 703-2044            Puerto Rico Office:  (787) 985-1981